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Michigan 1031 Exchanges

Michigan State Tax Information

The Combined Rate accounts for Federal, State, and Local tax rate on capital gains income, the 3.8 percent Surtax on capital gains and the marginal effect of Pease Limitations (which results in a tax rate increase of 1.18 percent).

Michigan has a flat income tax rate of 4.25% of federal taxable income. Additionally, 22 cities in Michigan may levy an income tax, with non-residents paying half the rate of residents.

State Rate


Local Rate


Combined Rate




1031 Exchange Providers in Michigan

Birmingham Exchange Company

Southfield, MI

Birmingham Exchange Company, based in Michigan, focuses on helping clients maximize wealth through 1031 exchanges. They offer a team of experienced professionals who are well-versed in the complexities of the exchange process and the tax code. The company emphasizes its extensive industry network and aims to guide clients smoothly through the exchange process to achieve financial objectives and minimize tax liabilities. They are not members of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators.
Corporate Exchange Services

Charlevoix, MI

Corporate Exchange Services, headquartered in Michigan, has been specializing in 1031 exchanges since 1995. They offer a comprehensive range of exchange types including simultaneous and deferred forward, reverse, improvement, and reverse improvement exchanges, covering both real estate and personal property. The company manages all aspects of the exchange process in-house, ensuring personalized service and competitive pricing. However, they are not a member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators. Resources

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